TMR Technologies Brief

TMR (Tunnel Magneto Resistance) is a new technology, using magneto resistance effect sensors for industrial applications in recent years. It's tunnel magneto resistance effect is induced by magnetic multilayer film material, the rate of resistance change of TMR performs better than AMR's and GMR's. We usually refer TMR to Magnetic Tunnel Junction (MTJ). Comparing with the Hall element, the MTJ element has better thermal stability, higher sensitivity, lower power consumption, better linearity, no additional polyethylene magnetic circular structure. Relative to AMR, TMR has better temperature stability, higher sensitivity, wider linear range and no additional set / reset coil structure; Relative to the GMR, TMR has higher stability in temperature, higher sensitivity, lower power consumption and wider linear range.

Our target customers are the top supplier of automotive components and systems

TMR Angle Sensors

There is a growing demand for high-accuracy angle detection in the fields of vehicle electrical components, industrial equipment, and consumer electronics.

TDK has applied TMR technology, which has shown excellent performance in HDD heads, to develop sensors that have high-output, resistant to noise and have high angle accuracy. TDK offers angle sensors with high stability in temperature and compact package that are fit into automobiles.

They have already been under mass production, and used in a wide range of applications which require high accuracy and stability, namely EPS motors.



  • 360° absolute angle measurement
  • Analogue output which can be interpolated for higher resolution
  • Differential output to reduce common mode noise
  • Redundancy or embedded Amp is available
  • Larger operating air gap
  • ISO26262


  • EPS Motors
  • Steering angles
  • Pedal opening, throttle valve opening
  • Brushless Motors
  • Motors for wipers, etc
Gear Tooth Sensors
  TDK commercializes gear tooth sensors as rotation sensors. TDK’s gear tooth sensors are highly sensitive rotation sensors that help purifying emission from four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles,and improve fuel efficiency, and improve engine performance.  


  • Multi pole magnet type/Back Bias Magnet Type
  • Stray magnetic field compensation
  • Rotary speed/direction detection
  • IF: Standard, PWM, AK, ABZ
  • Lower jitter (1%)


  • ABS speed sensor
  • Cam-Crank shaft sensor
  • Motor rotator speed/position sensor
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