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  1. Introduction

    We are committed to making the information and communication we provide through this website as useful as possible to visitors, as part of which, we use cookies or similar techniques on this website. We recognize that it is important for visitors to understand which cookies are used on this website and for what purposes. We therefore explain the details on cookies.

  2. Scope of Application

    The SAE Cookie Policy (hereinafter, the "Cookie Policy") applies to the handling of personal information on the website (hereinafter, the "Website") of SAE Magnetics HK Ltd (hereinafter, the "Company") and the websites of SAE Group companies (including subsidiaries and affiliates), unless its own cookie policy, or privacy policy including cookie policy, is posted thereon, or the Cookie Policy is not posted thereon.
    By accessing, browsing, or using the Website, a visitor is deemed to have agreed to abide by the "Terms of Use of the SAE Website," the "SAE Privacy Policy" and the "Cookie Policy." If a visitor does not agree, that visitor may not use the Website. The Cookie Policy is included in the "Terms of Use of SAE Website" and constitutes a part thereof.

  3. Use of Cookies

    "Cookies" are small files, usually composed of alphanumeric characters, issued to a visitor’s computer when he/she browses a website using a computer, tablet, cellular phone, etc.
    Cookies are used widely by administrators of websites for the purposes of normal operation and for improving the efficiency of websites, obtaining analytical information, and providing the most suitable information for visitors, and the Company also uses cookies for such purposes.
    To these ends, the Company provides the functions of the Website, analyzes websites such as the number of visits and referrer information, and records pages and languages a visitor references, using cookies and similar technologies (including pixel tags, web beacons, clear GIFs, JavaScript and local storage; hereinafter collectively "Cookies").

  4. Reference: Types of Cookies

    Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies
    Cookies are usually classified into session Cookies and persistent Cookies, according to the system by which information is stored.
    Session Cookies are used to ensure that a visitor can use functions and refer to information on a website in an efficient way. For example, they ensure that a visitor is not required to enter the same information repeatedly while using the Website. They are stored in temporary memory and are deleted when the web browser is closed.
    Persistent Cookies are stored on the hard disk of the visitor's device and accordingly are not deleted even if the web browser is closed. The period that Cookies are stored in the device differs depending on their nature. For example, they are used to save a setting that ensures a visitor can use the same language when he/she visits next time and to record the number of visits to websites.

    First Party Cookies and Third Party Cookies
    “First Party Cookies” means Cookies a website issues while a visitor visits it, whereas “Third Party Cookies” means Cookies a third-party service provider issues while a visitor visits a website.
    The Company uses Third Party Cookies to ensure it delivers analysis tools and advertisements that closely relates to the visitor, and may otherwise use Third Party Cookies to enable visitor to use social media and external services.
    Cookies used on the Website

  5. Cookies used on the Website are as follows:

    Essential Cookies: These Cookies are necessary to ensure that a website operates properly. These Cookies enable free movement within a website and the use of its functions. If you change the setting and make a cookie function inoperable, a website may not operate properly and you may not be able to use some or all of the functions and services offered thereon. On the Website, the Cookies are used in order to offer functions including log-in services.
    Analysis Cookies: These Cookies are used to analyze users' activities on a website and to improve and optimize it. On the Website, upon recognizing customers, data including number of customers, number of visits, website from which customer originates, and pages customer accesses, is collected on an anonymous basis.
    Functionality Cookies: These Cookies are used to recognize users and to provide the most suitable information for them. On the Website, content is personalized to ensure the most suitable information is provided for each customer by recording log-in information.
    Advertising Cookies: These Cookies are intended to record on-line activities, including websites users visit, pages users view, and links and advertisements users click. In the event that a customer views a page on the Website, the Company may, in collaboration with a third-party service provider, deliver on-line advertisements that are closely related to his/her interests, including delivering, on other websites, advertisements for products he/she references on such page, and similar products and services.
    Social Media Cookies: Each social media operator may collect personal information, but the Company has no connection with the use of personal information by each operator, and is unable to have any influence over it. For more details regarding cookies stored by, and information that may be collected by, each social media operator, please kindly refer to the privacy and cookie policies of each operator. Below we have listed almost all of the social media used on the Website and the links to the information pages regarding privacy.

  6. How to manage Cookies

    In most browsers, it is possible to make a setting to notify receipt of Cookies being sent; that is, to select whether or not to receive Cookies. It is also possible to make a setting to render the cookie function inoperable.
    You may use the Website even if you make a cookie function inoperable, but you may not be able to use many of the functions offered on it. It is recommended that you make the cookie function operable while using the Website.
    On some browsers, a “do not track” function can be used, but it is not currently available on the Website.
    Below is a list of major web browsers. Each site explains how to manage (enable or disable) Cookies. Please use this list if you want to change the cookie settings.

  7. Changes to Cookie Policy

    The Cookie Policy is subject to change without prior notice. With respect to using the Website, please read the updated Cookie Policy regularly. The effective date of the Cookie Policy is mentioned at the top of this page. The latest Cookie Policy shall prevail over all prior versions.

  8. Contact

    For inquiries on Cookies on the Website, please contact the following:

    • SAE Magnetics (HK) Ltd.

    • 5/F SAE Technology Center, 6 Science Park East Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, Hong Kong

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