Nowadays, confronted with the complex and multiplex social phenomena, such as global warming, environmental pollution, virus calamity, war and poverty, people don’t superficially make prediction about the future of the world only, moreover, they strive to think ways out to prevent, curb and eliminate the phenomena’s further depravation.

As a corporate citizen with wholesome image, SAE never save effort in boosting the social responsibility campaign. We put our commitments into practices through our business, talent, technology and sincerity, meanwhile, struggle to develop a healthy and harmony community by conducting various of campaigns such as environmental protection, quality control, enterprise activities and so on. We promise to dedicate ourselves to the earth where we were born and grew up.

SAE’s Code of Ethics stipulates the ethical standards and rules that SAE employees should abide by when engaging in any commercial activity related to the company. All employees are obliged to comply with laws and regulations as well as adhere to integrity.

The SAE Code of Ethics consists of the following elements:

✔ Discipline Control

✔ Privacy & Confidentiality

- Respect the privacy of its employees and manage the personal information properly with utmost care.
- Strictly prohibit to utilize of divulge the confidential information / knowledge without Company consent

✔ Equal Opportunity of Working Environment

Provide an equal opportunity working environment for employees that are free of discrimination, harassment, vilification and victimization to ensure all suitable people compete equally and effectively on the basis of their abilities, atitude and knowledge

✔ Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

Strictly prohibit the infringement of patents, copyrights, trademarks, computer software, protected writings and etc.

✔ Legal & Fair Competition

Forbidden to offer, solicit, give or accept bribes or kickbacks, or transfer or receive money or anything of value which could improperly influence one’s conduct.

✔ Safety & Healthy

Commited to create a working environment that is both safe and healthy to employees and eusure that the laws of Occupational Safety and Health are to complied with

If you become aware of a violation of SAE’s Code of Ethics, please do not hesitiate to contact the Code of Ethics Helpline for consultation and whistle-blowing. Based on the reported details, the relevant departments will make investigation and find ways out to solve problems. Any retaliation or harassment is absolutely prohibited.

SAE Consultation Helpline
Tel (HK): +852 2612-8518
Tel (PRC): +86 769-2281-0033 (Ext: 5773/5774)

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