"Quality is the only way to survive and prosper in business"

This is the quality statement we had adopted since the accreditation of the ISO9001 quality management system back in 1993. With this philosophy, quality has now become the most uncompromising initiative of SAE and it is also an attribute built into every member of SAE as well as the company processes.

Quality Policy

SAE aims to achieve total customer satisfaction
We committed to manufacturing reliable and high quality products with continuous improvement toward 100% customer satisfaction.

SAE never ceases to improve our quality
We believe that quality excellence can only be achieved by relentlessly striving for continuous improvement on product quality and quality management system, especially on increasing product yield and reducing quality cost.

SAE produces products with built-in quality
Our approach is prevention and design for manufacturing (DFM).

SAE strictly adheres to regulatory requirement
We understand our social responsibilities and aim to meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

Early Detection, Early Action

Complementing these quality approaches are the system level initiatives such as quality circles, 5S, total quality management (TQM). Encouraging participation across the board, everyone of the workforce is working together to acheve a sense of accomplishment for their part in the quality of products and services SAE delivers to our customers.

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