Sophisticated thin-film technology is harnessed to create the head elements on wafers, which are then cut into individual heads for mounting on the suspension / arm assembly of the hard disk drives. A method called swing scanning is used to read and write information.

As a leading provider of advanced magnetic heads for hard disks on a global scale, we have contributed extensively to making HDDs ever smaller while being able to hold even more Data. Pioneering the industry in the R&D and manufacture of magnetic recording heads for hard disk drives, we have global technology teams organized in the specialization of:


Advanced Product Development
  Working on frontiers in technology areas from magnetic materials to magnetic multilayer structures, our technology teams are in constant moves to innovate the design of magnetic recording heads, delivering to the market with head products meeting or exceeding the demand of the industry.  
Slider Fabrication
  Slider fabrication is the process of parting wafer containing thousands of recording heads into a form factor called slider, with each slider embodying one recording head. The flying height, or the gap between the slider and the magnetic media during operation, of less that 10 nanometers has mandated the use of the most advanced micromachining and vacuum technologies to deliver the extreme mechanical sophistications required in the sliders.  
Ultra-Precision Assembly
  The technology story of recording heads does not end with sliders, but their sub-assemblies so called Head Gimbal Assembly (HGA) and Head Stack Assembly (HSA). The technological sophistication of these sub-assemblies, in conjunction with the ever shortening product life cycle and the constant changes of process technologies has made developing their corresponding production lines an extreme engineering challenge. Many of the production equipment being involved are so unique that we have to develop and have them fabricated by ourselves in SAE.  
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