Environment Policy

Under the philosophy of global environmental protection, clean production implementation and green culture building, SAE promise to: 

  • Establish an effective environmental management system, set up environmental objectives and targets with regular reviews, prevent from pollution with commitment of continual improvement;
  • Comply with the relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements, and promise to manufacture products without prohibited chemical substances;
  • Reinforce control on the pollution of air, water and noise, rationalize the disposal of wastes, phase in the use of the materials, equipments and technologies in favor of the environment;
  • Conduct energy saving campaign, improve the recycle of wastes, strive to minimize the resource consumption;

To convey the policy to the staff and raise their environmental awareness through education and training;To make the policy available to the public for the supervision, comprehension and support from the relative parties.

Environmental Protection

We care, not only for our employees, but also our environment. Accredited ISO14001 in December 1999, SAE was among the very first companies of the disk drive industries to comply with this environment management system.

In addition to the numerous measures to energy saving, recycle and reuse the different types of industrial wastes, we also make substantial investment such as water treatment system for wastewater treatment, solar hot water system for hot water supply in the employee dormitory, and even solar cell for electricity supply to part of our facilities.

Knowing that protecting the environment is everyone else’s business, in addition to that of the company’s, we strive the best of our effort to raise the awareness of all employees, and the communities in which we operate, on the importance of the environment to us and our children.

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