Nowadays, led by the information technology, unprecedented growth of high tech industries dominates the world economy and affects the human lives. Meanwhile, the ever-advancing technical innovations also bring the explosive growth of data storage market. Innovation is always at the center stage of scientific and technological field, while the key for enterprises to be successful is to predict, to size, to adapt and to control the changes. During the last twenty years, as one of the leaders in data storage industries, SAE has been at the forefront of the technology wave, made significant contributions to the evolution of computer information technology, and achieved outstanding results. 

Honored with "Leading HDD Magnetic Head Supplier across the World", "Outstanding Supplier", "Strategic Partner" awards, SAE has been relying on our customers for their trust and support. From technology development, product design, production control, order tracking to after-sale feedback, SAE continuously re-enforces seamless quality assurance policy, adapts to our customers’ needs and achieves customers’ full satisfaction with technical innovations. 

Though we must also point out, that SAE’s every step of progress is tied with contribution from every employee. It is their dedicated effort that carries SAE to march forward. We are strong believers of "Talent is the core competence of the company". Through coherent human resource management policy, we will build and strengthen the corporate culture, and make SAE an ideal work place for employees to develop their talent and realize their potential. 

In order to accomplish the win-win among the corporation, our customers and our employees, SAE will focus on innovation which includes technology Innovation, management innovation and culture innovation. Looking into the future, innovating, cooperating and sharing will pave the road for SAE to achieve sustainable success in global data storage market.

We have every reason to believe that SAE will have a bright future.

President of SAE

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