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Failure analysis plays a key role in improving products quality by determining the root cause of parts/assembly failure and working out the means for correcting and preventing current/future problems. Using advanced equipments, material characterization techniques, our testing professionals render rapid, reliable, cost-effective technical services for parts/assembly failures.
Failure Analysis services:
  • adhesion & bonding failure;
  • Corrosion analysis and study;
  • Material physical defects characterization;
  • Material composition analysis;
  • Contaminants, diffusion, dopant analysis;
  • Decapsulation, X-section preparation;
  • X-ray imaging system inspection;
  • C-SAM system inspection;
  • Environmental Reliability test

Image showing the spot of short circuit (60X)

SEM image showing solder joint quality

Silicone oil contaminant analysis by FTIR

Silicone oil contaminant analysis by FTIR
Competitive advantages:
  • Comprehensive, state of the art equipment;
  • Rich in engineering and high-tech backgroud;
  • Quick response, high quality services.
Our Failure Analysis Engineers make full use of lab analytical Instruments, such as chemical analysis equipments –GC/MS, FITR, IC etc, and surface Analytical tools - TEM, SEM/EDS, AES, AFM, SIMS etc to acquire significant information for failure characterization, meanwhile combine professional knowledge for failure root cause investigation, then work out formal report to our clients timely。
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