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As we know, ESD can cause the damage and failure of electronic components, affecting the product reliability; In clean rooms, charged surfaces can attract and hold contaminants, making the removal from environment difficult. ESD testing is available to assess the ESD characteristics of product or material. The testing services in SAE ESD lab include: ESD material performance testing and semiconductor performance testing. All ESD testing services are fully in compliance to the ESD/EOS standard and specification. In addition, with the certified ESD engineers by NARTE (the National Association of Radio and Telecommunication Engineer Inc.) and rich ESD experience in HDD field, ESD lab can provide the ESD control solution and ESD audit services.
ESD Material Testing
  • Surface Resistance/Resistivity Measurement
  • Volume Resistance/Resistivity Measurement
  • Decay time Measurement
  • Electrostatic charge voltage/triboelectric charge voltage measurement
  • Charge quantity measurement

Surface resistance/resistivity meter

Charged Plate Monitor


Electrostatic voltmeter

Measurement of electric performance for semiconductor
  • I-V characteristic curves of the semiconductor device
  • Breakdown voltage of semiconductor device

High Impedance Tester

Electric Performance Anlayser

Tektronix Oscilloscope

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