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In HDD, Semiconductor industries and micro electronic devices fields, organic and inorganic contaminants may induce corrosion, scratch, and adhesion and break short issues, which affect the product performance and reliability. MSL have the capabilities and rich experiences to perform cleanliness testing of electronic components. In order to ensure that we meet the stringent cleanliness specification required by the electronic industries, we have established a systematic quality control system to achieve high accuracy and high precision. The services include: cleanliness test and evaluation for incoming and products; providing complete analysis techniques and solution for micro contamination control.
Dionex DX-600IC
  • Cleanliness Testing for electronic products and components
  • Testing for ultrapure water and electronic grade chemicals
  • Testing for Cleanroom air quality
  • Testing for Cleanroom air quality
  • Water cleaning line monitor
Test Item:
  • IC
  • NVR
  • FTIR
  • LPC
  • Magnetic particle
  • Outgassing
  • CVR
  • ICP-MS
  • ASTM
  • IEST
  • ISO
  • MIL
  • GB/T

PE Spectrum GX FTIR
Surface contaminants:
  • DIONEX DX-500, DX-600, ICS-1500 IC
  • HP 6890GC/HP5973MSD
  • PE HS-40XL Headspace sampler (SHS)
  • PE ATD-50 Automated thermal desorber
  • JAI Curie Point Pyrolyzer JHP-3
  • Nicolet Magna-IR 560/5700 FTIR
  • PE spectrum GX FT-microscope
  • Micro electronic balance
  • PE TGA-7 / PE DSC-7
  • Thermo X-Series ICP-MS
  • Model 1051 Analytical 1010 TOC analyzer
  • Surface tension
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